What is PhoenixCo? (XPHX)

What is PhoenixCo? (XPHX)

PhoenixCo is a blockchain-based investment company which works on innovative ways of income growth, risk & asset management and financial services.
It established on Apr 2020 ,starting to educate the public about Bitcoin , Blockchain technology and trading. By the end of Sep 2020, we launched PhoenixCo Token (XPHX) to further expand our business plan ,cementing the existing ecosystem on the blockchain and use it also as a mean of investment shares of the company.

The first ever token representative of PhoenixCo, launched on BCH blockchain as a SLP token (Simple Ledger Protocol). We started a “weekly XPHX dividend ” and “monthly BCH dividend” for fair distribution in the first 11 months until the development of BEP20 – XPHX. Launching XPHX token on other blockchains was on the list of our plans since then , and currently we have XPHX operating on Simple Ledger Protocol, Binance Smart Chain and Tron Network.

In this document we will provide some details about different sections of the company , XPHX use cases and our vision for the future.

Basic information about XPHX token

XPHX is a utility token which PhoenixCo ecosystem relies on it.

Total Supply : 33,000,000 XPHX

Current circulating supply : 7,565,336

  • XPHX on BEP-20 (BNB)
    Token Contract:0x8729123aC749359144DB4396F8ecF32976f7A86e

On this chain , we provide the public the ability to track the total circulating tokens, bridged tokens , Hot wallet and Staking wallet and other important token transfer details.

XPHX on Binance Smart Chain currently has the most trading liquidity. Transferring XPHX tokens on this chain requires 3% fee payment, 1% Tax , 1% for token holders and 1% to be added to the LP in PancakeSwap.

  • XPHX on SLP (BCH)
    Token ID:95ad948d454404fd7efe26789738da6d598f2718e141563c3ae17e84100e4417

XPHX on SLP has the lowest transfer fees between all of the current active chains. Basically with few hundred BCH satoshis the tokens are transferrable. Some useful wallets for holding SLP XPHX : Electron-Cash SLP edition , ZAPIT wallet , Memo.cash

  • XPHX on TRC-20 (TRX)
    Token Contract: TKSeBTJ5BWsnxugryFjASCuzPiWdWTHdnw

We’ve launched the TRC-20 XPHX , to enable the retailers and local/online shops to accept XPHX as a payment method with cheapest on-chain fees . This version of XPHX is available for trading ,currently on CoinInn exchange and soon will be available in P2B exchange as well.Another market that we’re planning to list TRC-20 XPHX on , is SunSwap.com DEX. We will going to allocate some liquidity and announce a presale to initiate this stage at the best time.

A handful of our achievements

  • Reaching 900 active members in our market analysis since company’s establishment in April 2020 , before even launching the XPHX token. Now we have over 2,500 XPHX holders in all active chains and more than 750 users on our website.
  • Successful launching of XPHX token (SimpleLedgerProtocol on BCH) in Sep 2020 and having first 400 holders for it , website development and PhoenixCo Swap(the second market for trading XPHX apart from memo.cash) all done in less than 4 months after token genesis.
  • Distribution of 545,490 initial tokens as weekly airdrop dividend to XPHX holders in the first 11 months.
  • Raising more than $14,000 in the first year of launching XPHX token.
  • Launching the BEP-20 version of XPHX and the first DEX listing (PancakeSwap) with over $28,000 of PhoenixCo’s Treasury Liquidity by Oct 2021, thus providing a bigger market for early investors to partially take profits which, in the higher end reached over %10,200 ROI for some holders/investors.
  • Launching Web-based XPHX Staking Pools in Oct 2021 and providing a great foundation to enable mining of XPHX tokens.
  • Partnering with 2 other crypto-based companies to collaborate in several key areas like merging communities and using each other’s unique services and creating mutual liquidity pools.
  • Listing XPHX in the first centralized exchange (P2B) in late Apr 2022 to have a better overall condition for future steps and increasing total market availability of XPHX.
  • Listing XPHX in the second centralized exchange (CoinInn) at the time of 2nd year Birthday of XPHX , as well as introducing the new TRC-20 version while conducting the listing event.
  • Buying back at least 540,000 XPHX from whales and paying almost $13,000 just to do this specific task , because the price of XPHX was way more expensive relative to what most of whales purchased earlier . This is one of the reasons that XPHX does not have holders which consider whale as of now , and most of them are regular retail holders & 3 private investors.
  • Currently ~ 50% of all the circulating supply of XPHX is locked in staking pools.

XPHX Token Management and Mining

  • XPHX Stake Mining

We have 8 year plan to distribute 33% up to 44% of total supply (11,000,000 ~ 14,520,000)

The main part of token distribution is with Stake mining which will be conducted on the website platform.

What is PhoenixCo? (XPHX)
Example: Flexible Stake mining pools
What is PhoenixCo? (XPHX)
Example: Locked Stake mining pool

The allocation of each year’s tokens are as following :

1st Year (2021-2022):   ~20% of total staking allocation
2nd Year (2022-2023):  ~17% of total staking allocation
3rd Year (2023-2024):  ~15% of total staking allocation
4th Year (2024-2025):  ~13% of total staking allocation
5th Year (2025-2026):  ~11% of total staking allocation
6th Year (2026-2027):  ~9% of total staking allocation
7th Year (2027-2028):  ~8% of total staking allocation
8th Year (2028-2029):  ~7% of total staking allocation

APY for each Staking pool is proportional to the amount of tokens in that pool and the amount of locked tokens. More tokens locked in each Staking pool , lower the APY% gets.

There are 2 types of staking available for holders to choose from based on their priorities ; Locked & Flexible staking.

  • Multi-chain token management

Because the total supply of XPHX tokens in all 3 blockchains are pre-mined in PhoenixCo Treasury wallets , we’re using our platform to manage the amount of circulating tokens in each chain.

For example , someone who deposits SLP-XPHX in his/her account (PhoenixCo Hot Wallet) , can withdraw tokens to wallets of other chains(BEP20 or TRC20). In this case , the SLP-XPHX tokens remains untouched in PhoenixCo Hot Wallet and the corresponding BEP-20 or TRC-20 which has been withdrawn , will be transferred to the owner’s wallet; In some cases we will burn the initial deposited tokens when we’re sure that the corresponding tokens are completely out of circulation in the first chain.

We’re using our Binance Smart Chain ledger to manage and monitor the tokens. PhoenixCo Hot Wallet , PhoenixCo Staking Wallet are live and people can see how many tokens are circulating in any given time.

 Soon PhoenixCo TRC20 Bridge wallet will be introduced once we opened the bridge for transferring XPHX tokens to and from Tron Network.

What is PhoenixCo? (XPHX)
XPHX different chains and the transferability

PhoenixCo Products and Services


Currently our main products, are PhoenixCo Exclusive NFT Collections. PhoenixCo signs contract with independent artist to create unique NFT artworks and list in the open market. Almost 3 quarters passed since we launched our NFT based products , and now we have 6 different collections with more than 250 unique NFT artworks in OpenSea market.

PhoenixCo Exclusive Musics :

PhoenixCo Digital Art Collection:

PhoenixCo Artwork Gallery:

PhoenixCo Photography Collection:

PhoenixCo Nature Pixart:

hOp3 Collection:

Our NFT collections are constantly updating and new artworks and collections will be added at all times. We’re also open to work with independent artist to help selling their precious works on the blockchain as NFT assets. Contact us in via official e-mail addresses for this porpuse.


1.Platform-Based Services

  • PhoenixCo Swap

PhoenixCo Swap is an off-chain service that we provide for XPHX and other popular coins and tokens.Price info for most of the assets comes from CoinGecko live API and there’s no hidden fees apart from the typical fees that will be shown in the bottom of swap page. 33% of total fees will be redistributed in our LP for those who provided XPHX paired liquidity in the platform.

What is PhoenixCo? (XPHX)
Example : Swap ALGO/USDT
What is PhoenixCo? (XPHX)
Example : Buying & Selling XPHX in different pairs
  • Liquidity Pool

PhoenixCo Liquidity pool is different from other DEXs and Swaps. It uses a token-based system for each XPHX pair. Users can provide liquidity in their favorite pair to have a share from the fees we gather from swaps. There’s no Locking mechanism and everyone can add or redeem liquidity whenever they want.

Always 33% of the paid fees in our swap , will be redistributed to LP token holders proportional to their shares.

All of the pools are backed by XPHX , thus always half of the redistributed swap fees are paid in XPHX tokens.

What is PhoenixCo? (XPHX)
Example : BCH_XPHX liquidity pool and it’s details
What is PhoenixCo? (XPHX)
Example : What each user sees once they provide liquidity / their LP tokens and respective collected fees
  • Savings

We’re providing Saving accounts for several popular coins/tokens in our platform. Each user can choose a saving account and save their assets for  a known period of time. Before saving , they can see their estimated final profit.

At the time of writing this document we have these coins/tokens for Saving :


With APR% ranging from 2.30% to 19%

What is PhoenixCo? (XPHX)
Example : Saving 3,000 Doge and it’s corresponding estimated rewards in 121 days

All of our main services (Swap, LP , Saving , Bridge) are also available for partner projects to have by listing in PhoenixCo Platform(details in next section)

2.Other Services

  • Listing tokens in PhoenixCo Swap

Other projects and blockchain related companies can submit requests to list their assets in our website(swap , LP , saving). We only demand for XPHX paired liquidity with their native token. This is one of the ways we collaborate with other potential good projects to have a great relationship.

Listing tokens in our website allows everyone to trade the(listed) tokens with various popular stablecoins and XPHX token , also if the project managers want to have a specific saving account for their tokens , we also can activate a saving option with customized APR% and locked period to provide a better condition for the communities.

Apart from Saving and Swap , we also can activate PhoenixCo LP for their tokens , which they can pair with XPHX and benefit from 33% of swap fees we take and redistribute among users. This can be another type of passive income for project managers and their holders/investors.

  • PhoenixCo Market Analysis Telegram Channel

Everyone can join our Market Analysis channel in Telegram for free and benefit from the latest analysis and updates that we post daily regarding the overall crypto and financial markets.

Telegram channel link : https://t.me/tsoph

  • Using (and expanding the use of) XPHX as Payment Method

Since day 1 , we had this vision to introduce the public with the benefits of using cryptocurrencies as payment in different businesses , and when we introduced our native token XPHX , we started this idea and enabled using XPHX as payment in various retail businesses and provided an unprecedented benefits for our partners and their customers. We started this type of collaboration since early Sep 2022 with several local café shops and super markets and some other online shops , this is a great way to make XPHX a day-to-day currency that people use for sending and receiving funds. This type of business model helps PhoenixCo community to grow at a faster pace and some XPHX supply circulate outside of the open market between wallets.

  • Holding rewards, LP providing benefits , Airdrops and free XPHX distribution

XPHX holders receive 1% of each transaction on BEP-20 network , this is a great way for everyone to increase their XPHX holdings in a decentralized manner simply by holding some tokens in their wallets. Other than holders fee allocation , those who help PhoenixCo increase the available liquidity in DEXs, will receive another 1% transaction fees for each XPHX transaction(BEP-20 network), in addition to the PancakeSwap LP swap fee which allocates to LP token holders.

Airdropping XPHX tokens is one of the many ways we distribute free tokens for user’s engagement, registering with referral and doing tasks. We have a Telegram promotions group just for this specific job which subscribers can engage and win XPHX tokens.

PhoenixCo Promotions Group: https://t.me/phcopromo

RocketBot Pro is another way for distribution of free XPHX tokens. The Project Merge team(owner of RocketBot Pro) is one of PhoenixCo business partners.Our team posts daily giveaways and airdrops using this service in social media (Telegram & Twitter), the community receives the rewards simply by engaging.

XPHX Price History

What is PhoenixCo? (XPHX)
What is PhoenixCo? (XPHX)

XPHX Price History & Predictions

  • Price History

Since the day that XPHX trading started in memo.cash  ,we saw many ups and downs in its price.

Below you can see the first 5 XPHX purchases at the time of public sale in memo.cash . Amount sold , total cost and price in BCH Satoshis:

What is PhoenixCo? (XPHX)
the first 5 XPHX trades in memo.cash

And this is the latest 5 XPHX purchases in memo.cash.
Again amount sold, total cost , Price in BCH Satoshis:

What is PhoenixCo? (XPHX)
the last 5 XPHX trades in memo.cash

Interestingly , although the volatilities in the past 2 years was insane , XPHX never went below its first 6month’s price after the genesis. Until March of 2021 when XPHX went up 935% from public sale price and suffered the first bear market , it tested the ATH at $0.0072 again and successfully broke it. By Oct 2021,XPHX went up another 1,083% to the current ATH at $0.0786. This coincidentally happened at the same time that Bitcoin was reaching new ATH near $69,000 and we were launching BEP-20 XPHX with the first DEX listing in PancakeSwap. Bitcoin never saw higher prices since then, same as XPHX. In addition to all of this, many early investors & whales profited a lot by that time and almost all of them started selling their tokens and take profits, this also helped us to have a great distribution phase for XPHX . The next 12 months(until today) , XPHX tested $0.01 ~ 0.012 range more than 5 times and only went to the $0.0086 once. At this time it sits near $0.017.

  • Price Prediction

To analyze or sometimes predict the price of any asset in financial markets , there are countless ways and different strategies. We take a look at some base factors and try to see what can happen to XPHX price in the future.

The current diluted market cap of XPHX is ~$523,100  , and the circulating market cap hovers around ~$123,660.

We should consider that XPHX supply is insanely low(33M tokens) , the available circulating tokens are limited and the fact that XPHX mining inflation going to be lower each year , we can expect much higher valuations for it sooner or later.

Here we are looking at XPHX price since BEP-20 version launched (Oct 2022).
It’s clear that the long-term down trend is now over. This is the first good sign of possible bullish trend.

Another interesting fact is XPHX spent a substantial period of time in the $0.01 ~ $0.015 range , this key area can be considered as bear-market lows for XPHX.

Capitulation events happened 3 times and occurrences are somewhat rare.

What is PhoenixCo? (XPHX)
poocoin charts | XPHX/USD valuation, 1d ,since Oct 2021

Considering that XPHX is in an accumulation phase now based on past performance and the data , we can surely expect it to conquer it’s ATH ($0.078) as we progress. Just to have some ideas about future key price tags that XPHX can reach , based on Fibonacci retracement which is quite handy to pinpoint these price ranges ; It is clear that seeing XPHX reach $0.11 , $0.30 , $0.74 and even near $2.00 mark is a serious probability comparing to what has happened in the past 2 years.

How to Buy and Sell XPHX

As of now(Oct 2022) , there are several markets on all 3 chains for trading XPHX token. First ever market was Memo.cash , Trading XPHX(SLP) for BCH is open.

Checkout memo.cash XPHX market here :

Then we introduced PhoenixCo Swap ,the second market for trading XPHX at the time.

PhoenixCo Swap Market:


Our platform itself also acts as a bridge to transfer XPHX tokens between all the networks. When BEP20 XPHX launched(Oct 2021), we listed it on PancakeSwap and then P2B exchange. On Sep 2022 , after introducing TRC-20 XPHX , we’ve listed it in CoinInn Exchange. Our short-term plan is to open another market(SunSwap.com) as soon as possible.

Here are the links for PancakeSwap , P2B & CoinInn centralized exchanges:

Useful links and Contact us

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