Eclipse Pad: A Customizable Launchpad for Cross-Chain Liquidity

Eclipse Pad is a launchpad that offers projects the flexibility and a diverse range of options for launching their tokens and bootstrapping liquidity. Unlike conventional launchpads, Eclipse Pad is designed with modularity in mind, enabling projects to customize their token launches based on their unique requirements. Additionally, it serves as the first launchpad for the Cosmos ecosystem and Sei Network, making it a key player in the world of decentralized finance.

Why Cosmos?

The Eclipse Pad team chose to focus on Cosmos as their starting point because they believe it has a lot of potential that hasn’t been fully realized yet. There are many developers building in Cosmos and IBC technology is cutting-edge. There are 50+ chains and over 300+ currently in building stages, but still no launchpads, and very few token launching options. Their plan is to establish themselves in the Cosmos ecosystem first, before then expanding to other cross-chain networks.

Why do we need a launchpad in Cosmos when there are airdrops?

Airdrops have been a popular way to distribute tokens in Cosmos and grow a project’s initial community. However, they come with a range of challenges. Targeting users is often difficult, and airdrops can end up in the hands of bots or sybil accounts. Additionally, free airdrops are often quickly sold, leading to price volatility.

However, airdrops are still a valuable method for launching a token. At Eclipse Pad, they plan to offer airdrops as an option in their launch flows. They believe that a combination of airdrops and other launch methods can be effective in launching a token successfully. Launchpads, when done well can offer better targeting of users and can help projects raise funds and bootstrap their token liquidity on launch.

Will Eclipse Pad build its own chain?

Yes, Eclipse Pad has a roadmap for developing its own Cosmos SDK chain. This will provide them with greater customization options at the chain level. Their first step is to expand across the Cosmos ecosystem and establish a series of chains with diverse ecosystems of dApps. These outposts will help them grow their presence within the Cosmos community and provide them with valuable insights to further enhance their development efforts.

Will you launch for chains outside of Cosmos?

Yes, Eclipse Pad has future plans to expand beyond just the Cosmos ecosystem. They believe in the importance of a multi-chain future and ensuring a consistent flow of high-quality projects. As such, they will explore opportunities to expand to other blockchain networks in the future. In addition, they have established strong connections with large web2 companies and startup accelerators that are looking to integrate web3 into their models. This is a direction they plan to accommodate for in the future.

How will the launch model work?

The Eclipse Pad launch model offers a variety of launch modules that can be selected by projects to design their launch strategy. These modules include IDOs and auctions for fundraising, and Lockdrop, LBP, and LBA, and more for liquidity bootstrapping. Projects have the flexibility to tailor their launch strategy according to their specific needs. For instance, they can choose to initiate an airdrop, followed by an IDO, and then a lockdrop to incentivise participants to pledge their acquired or bought tokens into liquidity and earn more rewards.

Will there be a whitelist?

In the Eclipse Pad launch model, whitelists will be a crucial tool for incentivizing long-term committed users and filtering out bots. The specifics of how whitelists are implemented may vary depending on the chosen launch mechanism. However, in general, whitelists will be used to provide early, expanded, or exclusive access to launch events. This could include providing allocations in whitelist IDO rounds or granting larger allocations or earlier access

How to Join Ambassador Program?

Have you ever wanted to be a part of a passionate community centered around innovation and education? The Eclipse Ambassador Program might be just what you’re looking for.

The Eclipse Ambassador Program serves as a hub for community building and leadership development, with the goal of fostering a strong and connected community centered on innovation and education. The ultimate aim is to create a thriving and passionate community and build up leaders who can drive grassroots Web3 movements across different nations.

By participating and leveling up in the program, you can meet great like-minded people, showcase your passion and skills, earn rewards for sharing in the growth of Eclipse Pad, and unlock opportunities for a full-time career in Web3.

The Ambassador Program consists of five levels, each with its unique opportunities for recognition, rewards, and benefits that can be unlocked once a certain level is reached:

  • Space Cadet: New program initiates who actively share content, learn and spread the word.
  • Astronaut: Dedicated community members who regularly create content, assist new members, and actively engage on social media daily.
  • Lunar Navigator: Emerging community leaders who actively recruit new users, generate high-quality content, and contribute to the community’s growth and culture.
  • Orbital Commander: Top-tier leaders who oversee, scale, and manage the ambassador program. Mentoring ambassadors, providing education and training, and running subDAOs.
  • Intergalactic Pioneer: Top-level leaders who spearhead global and local expansion efforts. Developing other leaders, organizing local events, and collaborating closely with the Eclipse team.

To get involved with the Eclipse Ambassador Program, follow these steps:

  1. Follow Eclipse Pad on Twitter, where you can track all major announcements and updates.
  2. Like and retweet the Ambassador program post.
  3. Join the Discord and actively get involved with the community and the culture.
  4. Join the Telegram channel where you can ask questions and say hi.
  5. Join the Zealy/crew3 and begin completing tasks.
  6. Complete the Zealy Ambassador application quest by filling out the google application, which will become available once reaching level 4 on the Discord.
  7. Remove any branding from your nickname in the Eclipse discord channel (Suiswap, ect…). This nickname can be changed for each channel.

Once you reach Discord level 4 and submit the application through Zealy, it will be reviewed, and you will be initiated into the Ambassador program.

Joining the Eclipse Ambassador Program gives you the opportunity to become a part of a thriving community, develop leadership skills, and contribute to the growth of Eclipse Pad. If you’re interested in joining the program, check out The Ambassadors’ Guide to the Galaxy for more information.

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