Coming soon in 2023: The Half-Life Saga – A NextGen digital manga experience

Do you like a story with a twist, great artwork, manga, and the excitement web3 tech brings into the fold? Then this project may be for you! The Half-Life Saga will become a NextGen manga franchise on a global scale powered by web3 technology and is embarking on this journey now. With the mint of Volume 1 primed for Spring 2023, the project is building and educating its community on Discord. This on-chain manga experience looks to enthrall manga enthusiasts around the world with a gripping story, fantastic artwork, and exciting Web3 tokenomics/events.

The Half-Life Manga Saga unfolds over 7 volumes created by the mangaka NŌNE. The highly-anticipated first volume is set to be released in Spring 2023. The story revolves around the Grim Reaper HEL, who suddenly finds himself without a job. Disappointed with his performance, the gods have decided to pursue a new strategy and let HEL go. In an attempt to convince the gods to give him his job back, HEL takes the audience on a wild hunt for REJI, a rogue soul that has been escaping death for thousands of years. “Creating a violent manga is not hard, but creating depth to the story and adding humor is the difficult part. What I find amazing about 1/2HP is the quality of the humor. You need a brilliant mind to make it work and NŌNE has done a great job. Additionally, the story keeps you on your toes”, says project founder Jul Giulianelli.

The fully doxxed team is led by Forbes 30 under 30 nominees, former X2Y2, and Google senior representatives. “In a period of instability and many rugs, transparency becomes essential. We want our community to know the face of the people they believe in and support”, Giulianelli explains. In pursuit of delivering the smoothest minting experience and best smart contract execution, the team has also partnered with the renowned developing team at Asteria Labs. The founding team feverishly dug into mangas as kids and is proud to fulfill a childhood dream: “We have been working for months already to prepare the full volume collection. Meeting the Mangaka and sourcing the best inkers to help bring this story to life has been an amazing experience. We are so looking forward to sharing the finished product with the world. It will be a dream come true to see the first volume reach the wallets of our community and the best part is, this is only the beginning. We can’t wait to welcome every community member and witness the community grow. We are committed to producing the first grade-A-quality Manga Saga on the ETH blockchain and dedicated to offering our loyal holders and community members a wide range of exciting benefits and utility.”

Holders can look forward to IP ownership of the serialized manga volume and a series of unique events the manga space has not seen before. “From its inception, the Half-Life Saga has been all about developing a franchise and revolutionizing the collectibles industry. We will reward the community for helping us make this franchise a reality. The community is not only purchasing a Manga; it is a whole Web3 experience revolving around burning events, AVATARS, and more. We are looking into ways to benefit community members later too, like a profit share of proceeds generated by the anime, merchandise, and other licensing deals. We will reveal more detail about the benefits and utility when the time comes.”

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